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From: Steam Train
Subject: Exposed Story 8Exposed
By Steam Train (steam_t2007yahoo.com)
`A series of unrelated short stories capturing the
humiliation and embarrassment suffered by the stories
character when their late or early development is
exposed upon being made naked in public'.
Story Eight
The most embarrassing moment of my life occurred last
summer and there was nothing I could do about it!During the recent summer holidays I went to the beach
on many occasions but on this particular occasion it
was a real family affair. Mum's sister and her family
were coming and like the other occasions, lots of my
friends from school were also going to be at the beach
as well.When my Aunt Sue and my cousins, 13 year old Liz and
11 year old Robby arrive my aunt commented, "Well
haven't you grown, why you're taller than your
brother".The trouble was she was not referring to me but to my
step brother Alex. This statement was unfortunately
very true, as over the last 12 months he had shot past
me in height and had begun tormenting me about the
fact, as of course any `good' brother would do. He was
13 _ and I was just over a year older.Mum didn't help my self image and greatly embarrassed
me in front of my aunty and cousins by replying, " Yes
hasn't he grown, he's really started developing,
unlike Ben who's still waiting to start puberty". Now
why do mums have to say things like that?Well to say I blushed as my private secrets were
publicly discussed was an understatement! Even Alex
looked a little embarrassed but noting compared to how
I felt!Little did I know that within hours a lot more of my
private secrets would be revealed than just my mum
talking about me!A couple of hours later I was with some of my friends
and Alex, chatting up Sarah, Rachelle and Kate, three
girls from school on the beach. Rachelle in particular
was the envy of most girls russian kitties lolita nude at school due to her well
developed breasts which attracted many more boys to
her than seemed to be attracted to the other girls. I
was certainly attracted to them as was my step
brother.I had been swimming earlier and was wearing a towel
wrapped around my board shorts. I didn't notice some
of my other friends sneak up on me whilst all my
attention was focused on Rachelle, or should I confess
her breasts!!!!A couple of the guys grabbed me then the others raced
over to join in the fun. lolita porn underage teen With 6 of them I had little
hope of struggling loose though I tried, rest assured.
Four of them held my arms and feet and lifted me up
whilst the other two who included my step brother Alex
removed my towel from around my waist without too much
trouble.Luke who was holding one of my arms and Rachelle joked
about my lack of pit hairs which made me start to
blush real bad; I could feel the heat radiating from
my face. My board shorts though were a problem, and my
savior. Still being wet and tightly tied at the waist
they wouldn't slip down when Jono, Dean and Alex tried
to lower them. Eventually Drew tried to undo the waist
cord, but this distracted the attention of my captors
and with a huge twist and jerk I broke their grip and
raced down into the water.`Beat them' I thought. No way was I going to get
pantsed in public!I stayed in the water and when the guys attempted to
come in after me I deliberately swam out into deeper
water so as not to give them the chance to capture me
and drag me back onto the beach or to pants me there
and then on the spot in the water.What happened next I don't really remember? The guys
were waving at me like they were trying to warn me but
I took their antics as a means to trick me into coming
closer to them, then whoosh a wave hit me. I remember
the air being forced loli pussy pay sites out of my lungs, my swimmers
sliding off my hips and a shot of fear running through
me.The next I knew I was on the beach, coughing and
spluttering, the lifeguard performing resuscitation
on me. When I opened my eyes the life guard was
leaning over me but my friends and family were all
standing around me looking concerned.It took a few seconds to gain my senses but when I did
I realised I was naked. The wave had stripped me of my
swimmers. I was lying naked on the beach in front of
girls I knew from school, my cousins and my family.Instantly I went red in the face with embarrassment
and most of the guys and gals who up till that time
had looked worried suddenly burst into a smile at my
embarrassment and humiliating situation.I was naked, totally exposed before people I knew and
some total strangers as well. It was like my worst
nightmare come true!Yep, mum was right when she said I hadn't started
puberty at all. I was free teenie lolita gallery still preadolescent in
appearance down there where it really counts for a
guy. I had no pubic hair free lolita xxx pics
on my genitals except for
some fine peach fuzz similar to that growing on my
belly, arms and legs and my penis and testicles are
still childlike in proportion. To make things worse, I
was shrunken even smaller than normal as I had just
been pulled from the cold water.My cousin Liz was the first to say anything, making a
derogatory remark about my puny genital size and
hairless state to Alex who was standing next to her,
ending her comment with a statement about needing a
magnifying glass.Alex my step brother of course used this opportunity
to boast about his own size compared to my meager
resources, whilst at the same time I thought I saw
Sarah take a picture or a short movie on her cell
phone and then move away to hide it so she wouldn't
get caught.Now that everyone has seen my most private secrets
exposed I guess I will definitely be the little
brother to my step brother Alex, even if he is 14
months younger than me, till I finally start puberty!
The End

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